big cat tent

The information and sightings tent will be present at a number of rural shows and events from May to October in 2015, including the following…

23-25 May: Bushcraft Show, Derbyshire
4-5 July: Cotswolds Show, Gloucestershire
20-23 July: Royal Welsh Show, Builth Wells, Powys
29 July: Dunster Show, Somerset
2 August: Herefordshire Country Fair
13 Sept: Frampton Country Fair, Gloucestershire

Rick is a regular speaker on the topic of big cats in the UK. He meets local communities as well as farming, game, wildlife, forestry and other groups to speak about and discuss the subject. His talks are fully illustrated and conclude with questions and discussion amongst the audience. The events often include a number of witness reports from people present. To discuss an event with Rick contact him through the comment form here.

big cat rick speech
Photo: Colin Hill

BIG CATS BOOK LAUNCH, Nature in Art, Glos
14 December 2011

30 people braved the winter weather for the BIG CATS book launch at Nature in Art.
After a talk from Rick about the book, and what he hopes it will achieve in terms of awareness raising, we discussed the recent hoisted deer carcass photo from Warwickshire with its photographer Rob Haynes. Adrian Hodges explained how he got his moving footage in Worcestershire in 1992. We also considered people’s reactions to big cats, especially when up close to them. This included a report by Dave Chester from his encounter with a panther which watched him at night and then quietly moved off as Dave got close assuming at first that it was a fox. This was only a few miles west of Nature in Art in summer 2011.

BigCatsLaunch 009

An interview with Rick Minter at the event is here…

Press release from Cotswold Water Park Trust after 3 November 2011 talk…

Feedback from the 70 people who attended the Big Cat talk given by Rick Minter last night at the Gateway Centre has been extremely positive – all seemed spellbound by the clear evidence presented for the existence of big cats living wild in the UK. Rick gave a fascinating insight into the type of cats they could be, their habits and feeding behaviour, along with some rather gruesome images of deer, sheep and even swans which appear to have been eaten by a big cat.

At the interval a survey was conducted as to what people felt should be done about these creatures, and the results are below.

Use them to promote tourism 1
It’s worrying 1
Cull them 0
Trap them 3
It’s exciting 26
Put up information signs 9
Survey them 38
Leave them alone 24
Not sure about it 5
Don’t believe it 1

A good debate ensued, with quite a few people sharing their own big cat sightings around the Cotswold Water Park, including farmers who had seen them and a lady who had watched what she believed was a puma kit on her land.


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